Buy a 2020 Kite and get a 250 euro coupon

Buy a 2020 Kite and get a 250 euro coupon

What does it mean?:  This offer means that for each new 2020 (only) kite you buy in our shop or webshop, you will get a coupon of 250 euros (for each kite bought) that you can spend  ON SOFT GOODS ONLY( soft goods are products as wetsuits, apparel or water wear) in our shop or webshop ! This sound good huh? We all know that next to our kite we need a new wetsuit or that new pair of shoes.

This means that if you buy 2 kites you will get 500 euro and so on. OMG

When this offer is NOT valid : 

  • If you already had a discount : if you already had a discount on a kite you will not get NO bonus. This offer is valid only if you pay the catalogue price of the kite
  • If you trade in a kite: when you will trade an old kite for a new one you will get NO 250 bonus.

What if i want to return my (unused kite):  Online we offer the right of withdrawal, if you bought a kite and it is unused and unopened you can return it to us.

  • If you return the kite and have used the gift card:  in this case we will refund you the total amount payed for the kite less the amount used from the gift card.
  • If the coupon was NOT used : in this case wi will refund you the total amount payed for the kite and de-activate the gift card.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us via mail or via phone +31626195265